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Happy Vally Chinese School
快 乐 谷 中 文 学 校
Happy Valley Chinese School (Bylaws) is a 501(c) non-profit school organized and operated by Chinese scholars, and parents of State College, Pennsylvania,committed to the promotion of Chinese culture. School offers Chinese classes from kindergarten to grade 11th, Chinese as a second language, Chinese choir, Chinese traditional dance, art, karate, chess, computer, zumba, etc. School meets in fall and spring semesters (13weeks/ semester) on Sunday afternoon from 1:00-5:00pm. 

      快乐谷中文学校是由STATE COLLEGE的中国学者与家长自发创办的一所非盈利学校501(c),学校致力于推广中国文化,自1995年创办至今,不断发展壮大,现有学生一百多人。学校开设中文课学前班至十一年级,另外还开设中文作为第二语言,中国民族舞,合唱,手工,国际象棋,计算机编程,空手道,Zumba 等课程。学校每年分为春季学期和秋季学期,每学期十三周左右,上课时间为每周日下午一点到五点
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